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We deliver high-efficiency solutions

By incorporating and customizing additional features and functionalities for enhanced operational processes and services, we deliver high-efficiency solutions with very competitive cost.



Facial Recognition

Traffic Monitoring

This intelligent monitoring solution is for CCTV systems. It implements the functions of detection and classification of body movement, facial recognition, behavior detection and management of alerts and events.

The automatic number plate recognition solution is a technological breakthrough using artificial intelligence and Machine Learning techniques. The fields of application are infinite ranging from the simple recognition and identification for the management of access to the car park to the management of the national security by passing, for example by the verbalisation in the event of infringements (forbidden zones, forbidden ways [except bus and taxis],...). Face recognition is one of the technologies we put at the service of security, access management and various application possibilities. Associated with customizable management rules, the qualification and classification of individuals and objects, the management of alerts, our solutions form a response to the needs of the present and the future ....

Analyze traffic, alert, search vehicles, objects or events, monitor and control become possible with our fully customizable solutions. No need for specific cameras, no need for dedicated hardware or special skills to use..