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Our Services

R & D, Quality Cell and Test Automation, Project & Consulting Team as well as all our teams combine the offered to meet your needs

•Always listening.
• We transform our customers into partners.
• Bidirectional communication is essential in our processes.
Standards compliant developments.
• Permanent technical support.
•Thorough validation phases.
Strict validation of all scenarios.
• Crossing tests.
• Industrialization of the recipe / qualification processes.
• Our experts bring you know-how upstream, during and after the project.
• Consulting on functional, business, technical and operational aspects.
• Our maintenance covers standard and specific products.
• Corrective and scalable maintenance forms an assurance for our customers.
• Our SLAs meet the requirements of every need.

System Integration
• Our project teams are trained to ensure complex integration projects.
• Our capitalisation over the years allows you to benefit from know-how and expertise.